what is the relational schema?


The following figure shows the relational schema for this example. Employee in this example includes teachers and support personnel. Teachers include instructors, professors, and graduate students in a workstudy program. In this example, one set of type codes is used for all these types of employees.

There are two intersection entities in this schema: Student/Course and Employee/Course. These handle the two many-to-many relationships: 1) between Student and Course, and 2) between Employee and Course. In the first case, a Student may take many Courses and a Course may be taken by many Students. Similarly, in the second case, an Employee (one of the types of Teachers) may teach many Courses and a Course may be taught by many Teachers. Also see more on many-to-many relationships (new window).

Relational schema for example

Answered by: siva85     On: 11-Apr-2011

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