Exam Fever-FAQ

What is Exam Fever?
The idea behind Exam Fever is to make students Exam ready and take away the stress that Exams build on them. Exam Fever is an open, free, online event where students all over India can participate through our platform ( or Campus Classle (On demand free private learning platform for colleges) and prepare for exams through Social Learning. It is a platform for students, teacher, volunteers and professionals to Learn, Share and Collaborate.

Why should I participate? What are the benefits for me as a student?
You get to enhance your learning with wide access to learning material from students and teachers across India. It makes your learning easy, everlasting and experiential and as a whole makes you Exam Ready.

What are the pre-requisites to participate in Exam Fever?
To enter the event you must be: (a) Indian Resident; and (b) 18 years old or over at the time of entry. Exam Fever is not open to employees (or members of their immediate families) of Classle Knowledge.

I completed my graduation in 2011 (or before). How can I participate in Exam Fever?
Exam Fever is for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you have completed your graduation. You can also Learn and Share with everyone. Or else you can participate as a volunteer and add to the knowledge of others and you can also win prizes.

I’m a working professional. How can I participate in Exam Fever?
Exam Fever is not limited to a particular subject or domain, if you are a professional, you can share your experience and expertise in your domain and moreover you can register as a volunteer.

What should I do participate in Exam Fever?

What are the weekly themes?
  • Share (Mar-15 to Mar-24): Share Class notes, Videos, Audios, Links and any other resources. Collaborate and interact with other students on subjects. 
  • Question Bank (Mar-25 to Mar-31): Upload previous years’ papers in any format – scanned documents, pdf, pictures, etc. Solve from the question banks and learn.
  • Concepts & Definitions (Apr-1 to Apr-8): Learn through Collaboration by Writing, Uploading, Reviewing, Rating and Sharing Definitions & Concepts in the form of Ready Reckoners, Audio & Video Snippets and Text
  •  Assessment (Apr-9 to Apr-14): Assess your Knowledge through Quizzes, Definitions, Questions, Multiple Choice, True or False and more.
  • Cram Corner (Apr-15 to Apr-21): Add FUN and EXPERIENCE to your Learning through Crosswords, Jumbled Words and Ready Reckoners.
  • Revision (Apr-22 to May-6): Post queries, doubts, and questions; get expert answers through Ask! Revise what you have learnt and go through the material, again, to make sure you are EXAM READY.

What are the rewards?
On registration you get a Gift Voucher of Rs. 100 from eBay India and in addition there are more than 3000 rewards which include;

  • A Grand Prize worth Rs30,000
  • A Netbook and a Tablet.
  • Theme based prizes sponsored by Wildcraft.
  • Rs. 500 Gift Vouchers sponsored by eBay India.

What are the weekly (Theme based) rewards?
There are 500 Theme based awards to be won, which are Rs. 500 Gift Vouchers, sponsored by eBay India. And there are three top prizes (Backpacks worth Rs. 2245, Rs. 1295 and Rs.995 respectively) for every theme, sponsored by Wildcraft

How will the rewards be sent to me?
Gift vouchers will be sent to you through mail from Classle. Theme based Grand prizes will be sent to you through the sponsor. Event Grand Prizes will be sent to you from Classle. (Please update your complete and correct address at the time of registration).

FAQ on Activities

Learning Circle:

What is Learning Circle? How does it assist me in my exam preparation?
Learning Circle is community of interest. Learners, Experts, Professionals interested in similar subjects can join Learning Circles and collaborate through its learning features. If you need guidance in a particular subject, you can join, or have created, the learning circle for that particular subject and have all your doubts cleared.

How do I join the Learning Circles?
LGo to Classle homepage and click ‘Learning Circles’ link under ‘Subject’ link. You will be redirected to a list of Learning Circles; from there you can join any learning circle.

What can I do in Learning Circle?
Learning Circle is community of interest. Learners, Experts, Professionals interested in similar subjects can join Learning Circles and collaborate through its learning features. Context-specific learning resources through Bookmarked resources, Quizzes, Sample Problems, Solution sets combined with collaborative features such as Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums etc. provide a micro-community for learning the subject.

What are bookmarks in Learning Circle? How do I bookmark learning resources in Learning Circle?
Bookmarking content is like sharing it in a Learning Circle which you feel is relevant to that particular Learning Circle. You need to open a learning resource and click on ‘LC Share’ in the share block on the right side of the browser window and tick on the checkbox of any Learning Circle which you want to bookmark the content with.

What is “Assign Ownership”? How does it differ from “Suggest an Owner”?
If you have created a Learning Circle you can Assign Ownership to any member of that Learning Circle. And if you are a member of a Learning Circle, you can only suggest ownership, but you can take the ownership as well (Maximum 3 Learning Circles).

What is “Unbookmark”? How is it different from “Flag”?
If you find any content in a Learning Circle which is not relevant to that Learning Circle you can unbookmark the content if you are the owner of that Learning Circle, and if you are not the owner you can only Flag the content. Flagging sends a mail to the owner of the Learning Circle asking him to unbookmark the content.

For few of the Learning Circles’ Bookmarks, I see the options to “Unbookmark”. For few other Learning Circles I don’t get to see “Unbookmark”. Why is this?
For the Learning Circles you are the owner or you have taken ownership, you can unbookmark the content, while as, if you are only a member of a Learning Circle you cannot unbookmark, you can only Flag the content.

I find lots of irrelevant bookmarks into one of my learning circle. How do I clear / unbookmark them?
Inside the Learning Circle there is a link ‘Unbookmark’ adjacent to the heading of the content. You just need to click on that link.

Cloud Campus:

What is Cloud Campus? How do I know whether my institute has a Cloud Campus?
Classle Cloud Campus is an award winning cloud campus solution to companies and institutions to bring the best resources in the world into the fingertips of its faculty and students. Cloud Campus can be seamlessly accessible from PC, Tablet, Smartphone or even a low-cost mobile. Campus Classle brings the power of experiential learning, where you open the doors to new and innovative ways of learning. Go to and see if your college’s name is there. If it is there you need to click on the college logo and it will take you to the Campus Cloud.

Learning Resources – Sharing a Content

How do I share a Learning Resource?
There are two ways of sharing a learning resource. You can go to ‘Library’ and click on ‘Add to Library’ or else you can click on ‘Share a Content’ inside Quick Links.

What are the various types of Learning Resources that I could share?
Audio content (MP3 only, max size 5MB/upload), Text content (Max size 2MB/upload), Images (Max size 800KB/upload), Video Content (MP4 and FLV, max size 20MB/upload), Video Links, Web links, Larger content (Text based, max 10MB/upload), Case studies, Submission etc.

What is the difference between a Content Page and a Large size content?
Content page is like wiki where anyone can edit the information and the size limit is 2MB max. Large size content cannot be edited by anyone except you and the size limit is 20MB.

Virtual Labs

What is Co-de-bug?
Co-de-bug is a platform where you can create, test and execute your script for programming languages like C, C++ and JAVA.

What are the programming languages supported in Co-de-bug?
C, C++ and JAVA

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