Classle Goes to School:

A CBSCE student of Class 11, Ashok, states that he would like to add value to his learning in the classroom. "I think I understood what my teacher said, but I hesitated to clear my doubts in class. It would be nice if the concepts were explained to me again." Another student Lakshmi, of Class 8 in State Board states, "I was not really listening in Math class today. And now I don't know how to catch up, as the teacher has moved to the next topic and I cannot understand it." Access to classes 24 X 7 will enable Ashok, Lakshmi and many more such students to go over their classes, better understand the concepts and clear their doubts as and when required. The students are unknowingly describing the need for a Cloud Campus and Cloud Classes. They yearn for learning to be a socially interactive activity. Classle the free online resource for students and teachers to share information that can be accessed anytime is the answer; Classle is now catering to the School space with Classle Schools. Students of 6 to 12 STD from CBSCE and State Board have access to a free Cloud Campus and Cloud Classes on the Classle School Platform. Students benefit from quality content and interaction that is vibrant and fulfilling. The students' curiosity on subjects of math, physics, chemistry and biology is not only satisfied, but the students are also encouraged to turn on their thinking hats and come up with answers to interactive questions.

A phenomenal success in the higher education space, with a user base of 2,75,000 students from 800 colleges in India, with 100+ private cloud campuses has laid the foundation for Classle to go over into the School segment. Students register for free and access the different learning materials posted. Teachers and students can share and build on content as well. Parents and Volunteers could form strong contributions to create a vibrant learning atmosphere.

As a part of its School launch Classle has 36 MOOC'S [Massively Open Online Courses] called Course+. These courses are aligned with the syllabus of various school boards in India. They also run concurrent with the academic calendar. Classle uses openly available learning videos in the courses to ensure that the learning is visual and not merely text dependent. Vibrant cloud classes enable students to interact with and learn from one another, Classle calls these Learning Circles. The library gives students access to a variety of learning material and the quizzes available in Classle School are stimulating. An ‘Ask' feature helps students to get their doubts answered by teachers and other subject matter experts who volunteer on the platform.

The parents can be an integral part of their children's education and strengthen the learning ecosystem. Parents act as moderators and can contribute to material in the various Learning Circles. Classle School gives the otherwise busy parents an easy to access platform to actively participate in their children's education. Classle Founder and CEO, Vaidya Nathan, an IIT and MIT alumnus, says, "Classle School reaches students in tier II and tier III situations, even if they have no access to power and no internet connectivity, through our distribution. Classle School will reach students from across small town India, beyond urban boundaries." Classle has ensured that access and delivery will be the primary means to take Classle School to small town India. Students only require a low cost USB from Classle called Tumb-e. Even if students have no continuous access to power and no internet connection, they will be able to use Classle School through various Classle features such as Lightning, Relay, Desktop and Slate.

The world has come a long way and so have our expectations with education. The student base today is very heterogeneous. Compared to what it was a decade or two ago, the syllabus is very advanced and the bar is set very high. Further there are growing expectations and requirements on education to deliver value. Classle School will enable the students to overcome these challenges and deliver in this new environment in a fun and interactive manner.