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Course+ is a huge repository of digital courses on Classle. With top quality content created and facilitated by eminent professors and industry experts from around the world, our Course+ framework is centered around multiple engagement components like Video Lectures, Cue Questions, Quizzes, and Feedback Systems to ensure that you are never bored when you’re learning on our platform.

Cloud Campus

Does the idea of a private virtual campus sound exciting to you? Classle provides one, on a Cloud, to all institutions and corporates aiming to provide academic excellence and good career prospects.


Slate is a pocket version of Classle, an app that will give you a way to access educational materials and other valuable resources available on the website. It is a highly interactive and engaging application which will work on any Android device. What’s even better, is that, this innovative app lets you access website content offline too!

Campus Lite

Would you like to engage with your peers or the community you are a part of and provide them guidance on their career or education? If yes, Campus Lite is just what you need. It is a simple, light-weight, social way to engage and guide your peers and others who look up to you.


Being a platform for over 3 lakh students and the numbers doubling every month, Classle becomes the destination for a large talent pool to select human resources from. With Classle, you can get access to a talent pool that is as reliable as people who have been working for you. You get to understand their abilities through the TraitSmart® Report generated by us.

Classle Mirror

As a learner, do you want to know how well you are faring in your courses? We bring you Classle Mirror - an engagement system that will help you understand how much you are in step with the class, in a course. It will give you dynamic feedback on where you are performing well and where you might have to improve. A virtual teacher that monitors the learner’s progress, that is Classle Mirror for you.
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