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This Paper is related to my project at nit calicut. This helps to understand the operation of one cycle control technique, which helps to generates switching pulses for active power filter.
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We take immense pleasure to inform you that our Department of Electronics and Communication, St.Joseph College of Engineering, Chennai, is organizing National Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics and Communications (RTEC - 2014) during March 21st 2014. Original research papers on recent developments in Electronics and Communication are invited for presentations in the conference.  CALL FOR PAPERS Topics of interest include, but not limited to, the following:...
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This video gives some tips on successfully executing a strategy. The vision statement is the first step. The strategic plan should have an actionable tactical plan.
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Computer: Definition, Characteristics of Computers, Basic Applications of Computer, Generations of computers. Components of Computer System: Central Processing Unit (CPU), input/output Devices, computer Memory: primary and secondary memory, magnetic and optical storage devices, Concepts of Hardware and Software. Data processing: concepts of data processing, Definition of Information and data, Basic data types, Storage of data/Information as files, Representation of data/Information.
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Work done on box culverts for masters project. It may help people trying for projects. It gives brief idea about soil structure interaction of box culverts in cohesionless soils.
2 years 29 weeks ago is a website where u can find the new html5 and css3 pages with the code and you can use this site also as an online  editor thank you
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Lecture Series on Manufacturing Processes - I by Prof.Inderdeep Singh,Prof. D.K. Dwivedi, Prof. Pradeep Kumar Department of Mechanical &Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee.. For More details on NPTEL visit   NPTEL, Mechanical - Industrial Engineering
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Here are few Formulae and expression used in Physics. Saving these would become handy for revisions before exams.    Instead of making a chart on your own or turning the pages in search of highlighted formulae this will help you revise quick.
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This article talks about "Corporate Social Responsibility" which is considered to be an obligation by some companies and as a strtaegic tool by some others to improve their reputation and sales revenue. However, CSR has become an inevitable entity in coprporate business environment as people relate companies and their related social activities as a yardstick to rate the product. CSR plays a major role in creating "BRAND VALUE" for the company and its products. If CSR is made...