How to choose a good course of study?

Choosing the right course is the first important step to meet your Career Objectives.

Ask the following questions to yourself to choose a course of study.

* What am I going to do after the course?
* What kind of a qualification do I need ?
* Is this the course which is best for me?
* Does this course match my interests and talents ?
* What are the pre-requisites of this course?
* Should I select an academic or work-related course?
* What are the future aspects of this course?

Selecting a course has to depend on the kind of person you are and the type of work that you are interested in.

Once you find out your interests and skills, you can explore a wide range of courses from which you can select the one that suits you the most.

Depending on whether you are interested in
* Logical
* Enterprising
* Artistic
* Social
* Organising
field, you can choose your course of study.

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