About us

What is Classle? And Why?

A lot has been said about education quality and employability. Still it is gut wrenching. Classle is started with a dream to permanently improve the education quality and employability quotient - in scale - and here well on its way.

For Students and Colleges, Classle does this through Social Learning network.

Bringing together the social technologies and focusing on education and employability - studded with all the required features to service the non-urban learning community.

With lakhs of students and from 100+ institutions, doubling every 3-4 months, participating and collaborating through the platform, Classle is going strong on that.

Simple and Powerful

Classle's technology-powered online platform, which integrates social technologies together, takes a learner beyond the narrow confines of their Institution. Freeing the learner from the limitations of their present Knowledge Group, it puts them in a virtual learning group of educators, professionals and peers of their own choosing.

Classle expands the availability of knowledge and learning material and allows for the student / learner to be an active contributor. In the process, it empowers the learner and enlists them as an important member of the learning eco-system.

Classle provides fast, easy and free access to a wide variety of organized contents. Classle help learners find highly valued, targeted, appropriate and closely related information quickly.

Classle has a simple and intuitive user interface. This way, both technical and non-technical learners can easily search, create, manage, and track their preferred contents. Learners with similar needs and interests can interact through Circles and collaborate through the features.

Why the name – “Classle”?

“Classle” comes from two words – Class and Learning. While “Class” inherently goes with Education and describes a structure with boundaries, “Learning” extends the “Class” to go beyond its limits.

“Classle” combines the structure of “Class” and power of “Learning” to open up the whole world for Learners.

Did we mention that Classle is FREE for Students and Educational Institutions? Always it has been.

After all, Learning is Social!